Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brushing my teeth

Mommy finally broke down and used her old Canon Elph to capture some video of me. She has yet to figure out how to upload video from her and Daddy's awesome, high-tech video camera that Grandma and Grandpa got them for Christmas. Maybe blogger isn't sophisticated enough? Anyway, my favorite part of bathtime (if I had to choose just one) is brushing my teeth at the end. Okay, I don't have any teeth so it's really brushing my gums. But *hopefully* I won't be brushing gums for the rest of my life, so we call it teeth brushing. Mommy loves how excited I get when she pulls out the toothbrush (or so we call it) and toothpaste so she had daddy get it on video. Even though I had already gone through the process once, and therefore am not as excited as usual, you can still see how much I love it (the tooth brushing and sucking on my wet toes!)

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