Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I must be really worn out today. I slept from 6:30 last night till 7:30 this morning and when daddy tried to give me my bottle (of which I usually take 8 or 9 ounces at a time), I really didn't want it. I took 2 ounces and asked Daddy to lay me back down. So he did and I slept another hour,waking up around 9. I just took my 10 o'clock bottle and am back asleep. So, what has me so worn out? I don't know, really. Yesterday was a pretty normal Saturday. I took an almost 2 hour morning nap, then we headed out to run errands. First we stopped into Babies R Us for a new car seat. Yes, it's about that time! My infant seat has a weight limit of 22 pounds and I now weigh 20. So, mommy and daddy bought me the Britax Boulevard with the Click n Safe child restraint. Mommy says it's a new feature and wonders "What will they come out with next?" The Click n Safe child restraint clicks when my harness is tight enough. Mommy actually likes this feature because she says that the harness is supposed to be really tight (so I'm safe in the case of an accident) but sometimes mommy, daddy, and my grandma's worry about "how tight is too tight". You can't blame them for wanting to make me comfortable, but we all know that safety trumps comfort (whatever that means - I got it from mommy), so mommy is really loving this feature! After I went to bed last night they practiced using the car seat with Max the monkey...and let me just say that I hope I can breathe when they strap me in that tight!

We were at Babies R Us for quite a while - first because we ran into two of our neighbors/friends who are both pregnant with their first (girls, of course - yay for more girlfriends in the neighborhood!!!!) and second because mommy can't resist the toy section. Hey, I'm not going to complain! I got a new Leap Frog drum that I have been eyeing and some books that I can chew on...oh and another little toy that Wrigley apparently thought we brought home for him. It's the first of my toys he's ever chewed on (with the exception of a wooden puzzle piece a few months ago), so we were all a little surprised. I wasn't upset. He's my brother and I'll share my toys with him. :)

So, we left the store and ran to a couple other places. I usually nap around this time, but I was being so good that mommy and daddy decided to take me to dinner. The 3 of us never go out to dinner together because I go to bed so early, but it was really kind of our lunner (a hybrid of lunch and dinner - mommy made that one up, too) so it worked. It was kind of a weird time (4:00), so the first 2 places we tried had already closed for lunch and weren't open yet for dinner. It sure was frustrating, but gave me time to take a snooze in the car! We finally settled on some Asian food at Molly Woo's and had a great time.

Me and mommy playing around.
Drinking from my sippy cup.And getting more water on my dress than in my mouth!
Whew, after writing about my day yesterday, I guess I can see why I am so worn out today. I wonder if I'll wake up in time for church?

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