Thursday, September 4, 2008

Coffee date

Mommy and I went on another date today! Just call us little social butterflies! By the way, I LOVE butterflies. Mommy hung some above my bed and every time I wake up she lets me touch them. I've learned to say "oooh" at them because that's what Mommy always says when she sees them. Anyway, I digress....

So this morning we went to our neighbors house for some coffee and tea. I passed on the warm beverages and had some water and of course my new favorite snack, puffed wheat! I was a really good girl. I played with little Izzy while our Mommy's had some great adult conversation. Izzy is 2 years old and is going to teach me all sorts of new things!

Thanks for the fun date, Nikol and Izzy! To Mommy's surprise, I'm taking a really good nap, (almost 2 hours so far - despite the loud banging, drilling, and horrible choice of music going on in the basement) so we want to know "can we do it again tomorrow?" :)

As soon as I wake from my nap, we're going to visit baby Raegan. What an exciting day this is!

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