Monday, September 8, 2008

Tickle Tickle

Wrigley and I love playing together! And don't worry, it's not as bad as it appears. My arm is still in one piece and was only slightly pink once all the fun and games ended. Wrigley doesn't bite down (and never will, he promised) and if Mommy sees him getting too rambunctious, she intervenes. Obviously, as evidenced in the video, I don't mind it one bit. I trust he'll leave me my fingers and toes. It's Mommy you all should worry about...she's always nibbling at them! :)


Julie said...

It works the other way at our's the baby going after the doggie....(which is good, since our doggie is 65 lbs.).

lilysmom said...

Miss Addison! Your giggles are too cute! It's fun that you and Lily have a coordinating dress/sweater & hat set. Say hi to your Mommy for us!