Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow bunny

Addison played in the snow this past weekend with Daddy and Grandpa F. We are getting dumped on again as we speak so I don't think this snow will melt any time soon. Lucky for our little snow bunny!
Hopefully it at least warms up enough for the snow to pack. She loves building snowmen. We call these guys icemen. Dustin had to shovel up chunks of snow and stack them on top of one another to build them.

These pictures break my heart. She told me she is "scared of sled".

She seemed to warm up to the sled by this point
And once Daddy joined her, she was good to go.
She was especially happy riding the sled with Grandpa

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Kristin said...

So fun!! I am glad she warmed up to it. I am so jealous!!!