Sunday, February 14, 2010

Peanut in a Boppy

This little peanut was hanging out in my coveted Moby Wrap (sans clothing so he didn't overheat) and when I took him out, he snuggled right up in the Boppy. He is so sweet!


Beth said...

that is absolutely precious!

tell addie and chase that when i write my letter to james taylor about a song for andrew, i'll ask him to write one for your kids, too! :)

Noah said...

Love the blog updates! Chase is so stinkin' precious! Can't wait to get my hands on him again! And Addison is the sweetest big sister!!!!!!!!

The Goldmans said...

He looks so cozy and so long, his arms & his legs are adorable, is that weird to think that? ha, but really I just wanna squeeze him!