Friday, February 5, 2010

Chase's birthday - post delivery

I am so incredibly proud of my son. As I mentioned before, at 35 weeks gestation, there is no telling if the baby would need to go into the NICU. From what I've heard and read, most 35 weekers do need some NICU time. It seems most do fine breathing on their own but have difficulties with feeding. I've read of 35 weekers spending anywhere from 3 hours to 4 weeks in the NICU and also of some at that age who don't need the NICU at all.
When Addison was in the NICU, we heard the term "wimpy white boy" on several occasions. What this is referring to is the fact that Caucasian baby boys tend to do the worst (make the slowest progress) when born prematurely. African American girls do the best and I think Caucasian girls follow. I remember being so happy that Addison was a girl rather than a wimpy white boy!
When the premature scares started a few weeks ago, one of the first things I thought of was this "wimpy white boy" syndrome. I gave Chase talks on several occasions that if he was premature, he was going to be the exception. I told him he had to be strong. We don't make wimps in this family! :)
And he listened.
When I found out that he wasn't going to have to go to the NICU, I cried some of the happiest tears I've ever shed. I just couldn't believe our good fortune.
I'm so proud of my son. He's no wimpy white boy!
He grew to a good size in utero, developed some strong, healthy lungs and took to feedings right away. It took a few tries to get him to latch onto me, but that's not uncommon for even full-term newborns. The nurses told me that his ability to latch so well was not typical of a 35 weeker. They called him an over-achiever.
Who, my kid? :)
Chase was hanging out in my pelvis for quite a while (probably weeks) before birth, so came out with a bruised head and crooked little nose (his face was smooshed against my tail bone). The bruising has since almost disappeared and though his nostrils are still a little asymmetrical, his nose has straightened up. Just thought I would mention these things so you didn't wonder when looking at the pictures.

Ready for a bath

First bath in the hospital

First diaper

All cleaned up!

They had to put an IV in his arm, which stayed in for almost 3 days, to administer antibiotics. The antibiotics were given to him as a precautionary measure in the case of an infection caused by either my Group B strep or ruptured membranes. It took 48 hours to get the blood cultures back, which thankfully tested negative for infection. The IV was removed shortly thereafter.

Being wheeled in to go see Mommy in our postpartum room

Together at last!
Picture with our son. Please excuse the cherry popsicle stained mouth!

The proud papa
We had lots of other visitors that night.
Gammy, who made it into town after I was taken to the OR, but before delivery
Grandma F. came a couple hours later
Uncle Damon, Daddy's brother
And that concludes Chase's birthday!

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