Tuesday, February 9, 2010


When watching me change Chase's diaper, Addison proclaimed "Look, Avocados on Chase's bottom!" We are almost positive she was referring to his little marbles (which at the time was still pretty swollen, making it look like one marble or in Addison's opinion, an Avocado). Perhaps the seed of an Avocado?


Later that day, she picked up her new baby, Violet and said "She hungry. Come on baby. Eat off Addison's breast (as she pulled up her shirt).


Addison is coming down with a cold and was complaining about her left ear hurting during her bath. Just to make sure she wasn't bluffing, I would touch her right ear and ask her "Is this the one that hurts?" She would respond in a very annoyed tone "NO - this one!" (touching her left ear). I did this several times - same result. So, I assured her we would go to the doctor tomorrow. We were just there yesterday for Chase. Ugh. As I was putting her to bed, I told her that if she didn't feel good during the night, she could say "Mommy, Daddy, I don't feel good." and we'd come to her. She then said "Mommy, I don't feel good NOW." What a smarty!


Cathy and Marshall said...

Kristi, I can't get over how much you're blogging, while you obviously have your hands very full! I love all your posts, though. Addison is too funny with the things she comes up with! And Chase is just beautiful!

Mommy and her two sweeties said...

That's just because I've had a lot of help these past couple of weeks. I'm sure once I am left alone with the 2 munchkins, the blogging will significantly slow down!