Friday, February 5, 2010

Video of Chase's homecoming

Here are a couple of videos taken of Addison and Chase when he came home. I wrote down the dialogue for the first video because it's kind of hard to hear.

M: Addison, who are you holding?

A: Baby Chase.

M: Do you love Baby Chase?

A: Mm hmm.

M: Do you want to give him a kiss on the forehead? Awww. What does he have in his mouth?

A: Paci.

M: Why does he have his paci?

A: Crying.

M: Crying. Is he all better now? Yeah.

A: Mm hmm. On his dress. (We think this is what she said as she took his paci out and laid it on his sleeper.)

M: Oh, okay. He doesn't need it anymore?

A: No.



Emily said...

That is so sweet!! You can just tell how much Addison loves him:)

Kristin said...

So cute!! What a little sweetheart!