Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Addison's first haircut

Addison had her first haircut today! We took her to a cute little girl's spa for the big event. She was a very good girl and sat still the whole time. Just last weekend, she accompanied her cousin, Noah, to his hair cut. Noah was given a sucker to distract him and because Addison has the memory of an elephant, I knew that she would be asking for one during her haircut, too. So we brought one with us. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, Addison asked, "Where is my sucker?" Good thing we were thinking!



"What have they done???"

Getting sparkles and cupcake mist

Can you see the sparkles?


Anonymous said...

Too cute. She looks adorable.Also, have the same headband as you...from Anthro;)! Is that the place in looks so cute!!


Julie said...

I still can't get over how much hair she has!!! Hannah still has next to none on top, so our 2 haircuts (since November) have merely been to prevent the "mullet-look" from taking over!

Christin Poterek said...

Addison is such a pretty little girl. Love her soft waves.