Saturday, October 31, 2009

MOM's Halloween Bash

This past Thursday was our Annual Halloween party for my Mom's group. We had an amazing turn out and the event was fabulous. Thanks to the Moms who put so much hard work into making everything so wonderful!

The kids went on a scavenger hunt through the woods and collected treats at each clue.

The rule was one treat per child. Addison spaced out during the explanation of rules. :)
She is sticking her lip out because just minutes before, she fell of the teeter totter and bit her bottom lip pretty hard. It bled for quite a while but she barely cried. She actually likes blood and it helps her to see it. Maybe she'll take after her Aunt Beth and become a doctor. I personally feel like fainting at the sight of blood so she definitely doesn't get this from me!

There's that wicked teeter totter! She clearly wasn't afraid to get back on.

Addison and her favorite pirate, Chris.

Two of her besties. Raegan the pig and Abby, as Dorothy. These girls are so adorable!
It's a bird. It's a plane. No. It's Addison, the flying Ladybug!
There she is showing us her lip injury.
3 days later, she still rubs her lip and pretends to cry.
We have some amazing bakers in our group (a category in which I do not fall) and all of the food was out of this world. Guess who sang to herself for a half hour in bed that night. Too much sugar!
Aww, but heck,'s Halloween!


Lori said...

Let her have at least a little chocolate:)..and I will teach you how to bake one of these days:) Love ya!

Addison and Mommy said...

I know how to bake, silly. I just can't put myself in the same category as some of my mom friends!

Lori said...

I was teasing, Okay. the chocolate chip banana bread is the best. I still don't have the recipe for it:) I love you!