Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Trick or treat was last night. Of course it was cold. Friday was in the high 70's and by Saturday, the temps dropped 25 degrees. Gotta love the Midwest! We had a few places (our closest friends/neighbors) we definitely wanted to make it to and hit up most of the homes in between.
Addison had a blast and her little trick or treat bag was practically dragging the ground by the end of the evening from all of the goodies!

She would run from house to house, knock on the door and then peer in the windows to see if anyone was coming.

She was great at saying "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you", after receiving more than her fair share of treats. She was so kind and picked the candy she knew her mommy would like. :)
Posing at one of our friend's house.

They gave Addison her very own treat bag. She threw down the pumpkin basket she was carrying to check out what was in the bag! Thanks, Tara and Eric!
She wasn't scared one bit of the people who answered their doors in costume.
Or of the scary pumpkin-headed guy. She kissed his leg.
It was getting late and our little girl was starting to show signs of being tired. But she kept saying "more trick or treat!"

Our last stop was at her friend, Raegan's house. She got pretzels there...thank goodness!
A couple final pictures of our little ladybug before calling it a night.

Video of her running up to a house.


Kristin said...

So freaking cute!! I LOVE her little costume! Cutest ladybug I have ever seen!!

Aunt Lori said...

Way too Cute. You trained her well:)