Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Addison is very proud of the french braids that she's been sporting all day and wanted you to take a peek!

Taking "cheese" to the extreme!

Admiring herself in the mirror.

Yup, that's our Christmas tree Addison is looking at. No, no, these were just taken today...not last year. What? Christmas is still a month and a half away?? Yes, yes I know. But our family pictures are this weekend and we had the manpower last weekend to help get it up. We have a rather large 12 foot tree that is not easy putting up with just 2 people. Trust me, we did it last year. Not. Fun. It's nice to have it up, actually. Don't worry, we aren't illuminating the neighborhood with it. Yet. :)
Au revoir!


Lori said...

Who did her hair? I love it!

Addison and Mommy said...

yours truly, of course. it's not perfect, but I was in a hurry! she sat still like a good girl!