Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am my mother

When I was in first grade, I went to school without underwear on. I was wearing my school uniform (a very thin, plaid jumper). I remember first noticing my lack of underwear during my morning music class when I went to sit on the hard, metal chairs and noticing the already cool chairs felt quite significantly colder on my bottom than usual.

I was mortified and prayed all day that one of the boys wouldn't lift up my skirt (as they often did, which is why we typically wore shorts under our jumpers as extra protection!), or that it wouldn’t fly up during recess. I didn't bend over at all that day and slid into my chair at my table in the classroom ever so gingerly, as not to reveal anything.

My mom picked me up from school that day and remembers me bawling on my way to the car. I quickly got in and closed the door behind me. When she asked me what was wrong, I cried, "Mommy, you forgot to give me underwear this morning!" She felt horrible. All of my clean underwear was in the laundry and she meant to grab a pair out of the dryer before leaving the house for school. I can't blame her now (though I did that day and maybe the few days or weeks or months following) for forgetting...she was a single mother of 3, after all! The fact that I was even dressed is quite the accomplishment in my eye...and I only have one child...oh, and I am NOT single!

My mom was superwoman.

So, this story has gone down in history with my family. Somehow, everyone got wind of my embarrassing day and teased me…siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, probably even my dear old grandpa. To this day, I am asked if I remembered to put on my underwear. Obviously, I can now laugh about it but for a long time, it was a very sensitive subject. And I think my mom still feels bad about it.

Last Friday, Addison and I went to our weekly music class. It’s an early morning class and we were rushing around to get ready. I didn’t have underwear/pull-up/diaper on Addison that morning because that’s just how we’ve been rolling around our house lately with this whole potty training business. (It’s much easier to get her to the potty every 30 minutes or so when she’s bottomless!)

I had my OB appointment immediately following music class (which added to the morning chaos) and a friend of mine, who also attends class with her little girl Addison’s age, was going to take her home for a play date while I was at my appointment.

After class, I took Addison to the potty before sending her off. I pulled down her pants and realized she wasn’t wearing anything underneath them! I couldn’t believe it! After briefly laughing about it with my friend and then thanking God that Addison hadn’t wet her pants (because I didn’t have an extra pair with me), my memory flashed over to my mom. I was becoming my mother. I am my mother!

I sent my daughter to school without her underwear! And music class, of all places!

Oh, the irony….or genetics, perhaps.

Love you, Mom!!!!!!!


Kristin said...

Hilarious. What a big girl though to not have any accidents!!!

The Goldmans said...
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Katie said...

So funny, love this story! Sorry, I was still logged in under ashley's blog and it posted as her. I need to get my sign-ins straight...whoops! haha. Cute story!

lori said...

mom is great, isn't she? And you are a great mom too. thanks for sharing the story for the thousanth time. Love ya Kris!