Friday, November 20, 2009

OB Update

Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first? Okay....good news it is!

The baby looks great (I had another ultrasound....I'm so lucky!) and I am measuring right on target. My weight gain is right on target, too.

The bad news.....

I failed my Glucose screening test! I was not expecting this, so I was pretty shocked, as was my doctor. I was down in the dumps about the results for an hour or so, but I'm fine now. First of all, it could be WAY WORSE. I unfortunately know this from experience. Second of all, IT IS WHAT IT IS! I've done everything that I should be doing to have a healthy pregnancy and beyond that, it's out of my control. If this pregnancy is causing my insulin not to do its job, what can I do about it? Ya know?

Of course I don't want to have gestational diabetes and will be bummed if I have it, but if you think about amazing is it that medicine can determine this so a woman can be properly treated in order to avoid any severe and/or life-threatening side effects for herself and the baby? I just have to thank God for that one!

Many women fail the 1 hour test that I had today and pass the 3 hour test (that I will have in a week in a half) with flying colors. There are so many factors that can play into a false positive. So, until I hear the words, "You have gestational diabetes", I am going to try not to give it a second thought. In the meantime, if you wouldn't mind keeping me in your prayers, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!!


jayj211 said...

I have a feeling you will pass the next test with flying colors! Ella and I will be hoping for the best!!

Julie said...

I failed my 1-hour test too and I was even in the hospital eating what the nutritionist prescribed for me....but passed the 3-hour one a day later. The nurses gave me a snack at midnight and then didn't let me eat anything else until after the last round of blood draws, and all was well.

Cathy and Marshall said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Thanks for the advice on eczema, too. It looks like it's improving, so I'm glad for that. I appreciate your tips!

The Goldmans said...

I am just now catching up on your posts, I will say a prayer that you pass teh 3 hour test with flying colors. Gestational Diabetes is such a strange thing. My 30 year old 115lb boss had it with her 2nd pregnancy and the Drs. told her it can happen to anyone 25-35, so its very hard to predict. But you are in my thoughts & prayers that you pass the next test :)