Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time out

I had to introduce Addison to "time out" for the first time this week. She's usually such a good girl and really doesn't act out in a way that warrants anything but a stern "no" + explanation. This week (and maybe towards the end of last week), she began purposely throwing her food on the floor, after being told not to. Then she laughs and repeats "Addsin funny" over and over again. It's become a game to her and she knows better. So, I thought maybe time out would solve the problem. I mean, what kid likes time out?

::raises hand:: Mine does!

In fact, she asks to go to time out. She throws a piece of food on the floor and says "Time out?" I say, "Do you want to go to time out?" and she cheerfully replies, "Uh-huh, yes!"

I have been trying to explain to her that time out is NO FUN and that she can't talk to anyone or play when she is in time out. She doesn't get to have her babies or her toys or any more food. Even Bubba has to stay away. I keep her there for 2 minutes and don't talk to her or look at her. She usually watches what I am doing and sings.

Yesterday, while in time out after dinner, I could have sworn she was saying "Time out so fun". Actually, she was chanting this for the entire 2 minutes. When I went to get her from time out, I came with the camera so I could catch her antics on video. Upon further review of the video by myself and Dustin, it appears that she might actually be saying "Time out no fun", which makes sense. Not that she means it, she is just repeating what I have been telling her. She still enjoys time out and even asked for it this morning when she accidentally dropped something off her tray.

So, how do you discipline a child who enjoys their punishment? And why does she have to be so darn sweet, even when she is in trouble???? :)


Emily said...


Soo funny! Hill, Meg and I used to asked to be grounded to our room when we were little. We thought it was fun too! Your storytelling is hilarious :)

Beth said...

robbie does the same thing. he acts charming when he knows i am mad. having a cute kid is hard, huh? :)

Katie said...

This is seriously too funny. I love that she "likes" time-out. She is just such an angel!