Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cookie decorating

Yesterday, we headed over to a friends house for some cookie decorating with my moms club. Jen made dozens of turkey shaped sugar cookies for the little ones to decorate (and in my case, for the Mommies to share with the little ones!). Not that I wanted a cookie or anything, I just know all that sugar isn't good for a toddler. :)

Addison had a blast decorating the cookies.
A little taste test part-way through
She determined it needed some chocolate sprinkles!
And not just a few!
After some play time, she was back for round 2.

Smiling with her masterpiece.

Just a little taste to start.

She clearly enjoyed the fraction of a cookie that she had before it was snatched away.

And I can't for the life of me imagine in whose tummy the rest of that cookie ended up!

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