Friday, November 20, 2009


Thursday was the premier of Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo, so my sister-in-law and I headed over with the kids. You never have to twist our arm to get us to the zoo. The lights were really neat and though we had to leave just when all the real activity was beginning, we did manage to see a short Disney music and light show and snag some complimentary candy cane hot cocoa and pumpkin bread! We even fed the kids dinner in the dark as they sat in the wagon, hoping to take in everything we could before we had to get them home and into bed.

It was a great time and, with the exception of Aaron and Addison arguing whether we were going to see the Penguins or the Manatees first (that's the first toddler argument Addison had ever been involved in and it was hilarious to listen to - Aaron won), the kids enjoyed themselves.

Chillin' with the Penguins.

This is Colo. At 54 years old, she is the oldest gorilla ever to live at a zoo AND the first gorilla ever to be born at a zoo. Pretty cool.
We're going to have major issues with getting our picture taken with Santa this year. Addison didn't even want to sit in his sleigh. Ay ay ay!


Aunt Lori said...

thanks for making me laugh tonight (about the toddler argument!)Too funny!

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