Friday, November 20, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese

Addison had her first Chuck E. Cheese experience this week. We have 5 November birthdays (out of 8 kids) in our playgroup, so we thought it would be fun to hold our weekly get-together there this week.

Addison looooooved it. She enjoyed every single ride she got on and thought the games were just as cool.

We won most of our tickets on the bopping game and the water game (where you have to shoot at a target). I'm proud to say Addison won a majority of them on her own.
She had enough to get 4 stickers and a small rubber snake, both of which she picked out completely on her own. Prizes well worth the $10 worth of tokens we used to get them, of course.

I was excited that she took to the rides so well because although they don't even compare to what she will see at Disneyland in a month and a half, it is a little preview of how much she will like the place (fingers crossed). She even rode a horse (and enjoyed it), which is great considering her dislike of the carousel!

We spent a lot of tokens on this weird clock ride. She just kept going back to it. We also spent a lot of tokens on the machine that takes your picture and then sketches the image. We came home with 3 sketches. It would have been 4, but she gave one to her friend.

She is obsessed with school buses, so this ride was perfect.

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All Things Considered said...

that little dress and bow are too sweet! addison looks adorable!!