Tuesday, November 17, 2009

OSU vs. Iowa - 27-24 (W) in OT

Saturday was a big game day for the Buckeyes. Dustin went to the game (lucky duck) and left Addison and I home to cheer for them through the television. We think it should have been the other way around. ;)
Rather than sitting home alone, we headed over to visit with Addison's cousins (Aaron and Logan) and Grandma and Grandpa, while Damon and Kathy were also attending the game.

Kathy is an Iowa Alumni, which made the occasion even more fun. That's my competitive spirit coming out. And yes, I know they're just toddlers. :)

This was an especially big day for Addison because she was finally going to be meeting her new cousin, Logan. Every opportunity we've had to take Addison over to visit Logan, she has been sick, so we were excited that she was well.
She fed him

And kissed him
And then was back off to play trucks and cars with her older cousin!

They also had some time in the sandbox. It was a gorgeous day in the high 60's!

Addison was so gentle with Logan.
And intrigued, of course.
She couldn't wait to hold him, herself. She was so sweet rubbing his head and giving him kisses.

Snuggling with her baby cousin!

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Cathy and Marshall said...

Those pictures of Addison loving on her new cousin are so sweet! She is going to be such a wonderful big sister and helper to you!