Friday, August 21, 2009

Carousel Ride

Addison went on her first carousel ride at the Zoo today. We walked by the attraction twice and both times she said "Adsin ride horsies". She seemed really excited. This was essentially her first ride on anything amusement park-like and I thought she'd love it because she is such a thrill seeker. We started off fine. She was looking around, checking it all out. Then, the panic sets in. I keep replaying the video and feel worse and worse each time. You might not be able to tell because the resolution on blogger isn't so great, but my poor baby was so scared! Her face totally changed in a split second. She didn't cry, but needless to say, she wanted off the horse and spent the remainder of the ride in my arms.

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Kristin said...

I think a cali trip is in order. Disneyland would break her of any fear she may have with the carousel or any other rides. Just saying:)