Monday, August 17, 2009

Lollipop lollipop, Oh lolli lolli lolli

Last Friday, I took these 3 girls (Addison, of course, and our 2 neighbors) to a free concert at a little local amphitheatre. There were a series of 3 Lollipop concerts this summer and this is the only one we were able to attend. I thought Addison might be a little too young but since she loves music and dancing, I wanted to try it out.

It was only 10:30am but nearing 85 degrees. It was HOT. And crowded. There were several hundred, if not a thousand, people on the lawn. And some on stage, but we'll get to that.

The group who performed on this day were a bunch of dads who wanted to sing music their kids would enjoy. They sang anything from songs about touching your nose, chin, feet, etc. (which Addison is demonstrating below) to Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers (which I thought my neighbors would enjoy).

Addison had a ball. She danced up a sweaty storm and fit right in!

She even sported a braid because she heard that's what all the older girls were doing. Actually, I just thought it was cute. Turns out, many of the older girls were indeed wearing identical braids!
They clapped to the music.

And danced to the tunes.
And eventually joined some other teeny-bopper groupies up on stage

where they spent the rest of the concert swirling and twirling and spinning and twisting away!

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