Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekend with the V's

We spent the weekend upstate (that's my fancy way of saying Cleveland) with our dear friends, Ben and Kylie. Ironically, we made a similar trip up to see them almost exactly a year ago. If you look at last years post, you'll see that Addison had a lot of fun in the swing. After she made herself at home by exploring every room in the house, she headed right out to the swing set.

They had a bar, too. She was in heaven!

Ben quickly became her favorite person for the weekend. They played together a lot. Babies, sticks, you name it.
Ben and Kylie live across the street from a small lake. Kye and I took Addison and the dogs for a walk and stopped to feed the ducks.
Though it wasn't just the ducks we fed. Check out the gigantic fish that were fighting for the bread (and winning at times).
After our walk, Kylie and Addison decided to take a rest on the Adirondacks. It was picture perfect, hence the many photos. I'm not sure what Kylie was doing that was so funny, but Addison was having a great time. Enjoy "The Adirondack Series".

One last picture (or two) with our hosts before hitting the road. Thanks for having us, guys!

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