Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trip home from Canada

I completely forgot to end the story of our Canadian vacation with our trip home. Due to the fact that Addison did not sleep most of our trip up to Canada as we had hoped, we decided to drive home during the day. I mentioned in a previous post that car rides with Addison beyond a couple hours were not exactly pleasant. She gets antsy and wants out or begins to demand things that she can't have, etc.

None of us were expecting for this trip to go smoothly. We began our travel at 9am after a good night's sleep and hearty breakfast. We took a quick bathroom break after 2 hours and then Addison napped for a whopping 35 minutes.

Once we were back in the states, we stopped at a McDonald's for lunch, simply because they had a playplace. Addison had never been to a McDonald's, let alone one with a playplace. We thought it would be a fun way to break up the trip. Addison enjoyed her Chicken McNuggets (that Mommy de-breaded), a few grapes and a couple french fries (which she actually didn't really care for).

It was then time to play! There was a big church group there and the kids were a lot older. I later read that the playplace was only for children 3 years and older. Woops. Oh, and they were supposed to take their shoes off. But you should have seen the filth on those kids' socks! There was no way Addison was going shoeless!

Anyway, Addison enjoyed the playplace and after an hour, we were back on the road.

We made a couple of short bathroom/gas breaks, Addison took another 35 minute nap, and we broke down and gave her her first taste of TV. A little Elmo and Backyardigans. She was NOT complaining! Fortunately we only had to entertain her with movies for a couple of hours. We stopped for dinner at 9:30 and got home at 11:30.....14 hours later!

We were very, very, very, very, very glad to be home. Addison took a quick bath and went right to bed.

It was an extremely long ride home, but I have to say, I was SO impressed with her behavior. It was absolutely remarkable. She barely whined and managed to stay happy and busy almost the entire time.

I still think it's crazy when I think back to how long the poor thing (and poor us) sat in that car!

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