Monday, August 17, 2009

Splash Pad

This post catches me up. Yippee! Now I must go write on the chalkboard "I will not get behind on blogging" 1000 times.

On Saturday, we met up with some friends an afternoon/evening of family fun. Given the 90 degree weather, we forwent (I know - it's a weird word, but a word indeed) some local festivals and opted for the splash pad.

Unfortunately splash pad attempt #1 was broken, so we headed a little further to another place. We are pretty sure this wasn't intended to be a splash pad when first built, but rather to beautify the park. This conclusion derives from the facts that it looks like decoration and also that Beth and Josh used to run through this park and never once saw anyone playing in the water. I'm not sure when it turned into a splash pad, but I am grateful for the transformation because it was great fun. And what's more beautiful than a bunch of kids running through waterfalls and fountains on a steamy day?

Addison was not timid with this splash park. Probably because it was so hot and the water felt very refreshing!
She got all sorts of wet!
Oh, there's our little comedian with a bucket on her head. Looking on in the background is my gorgeous pregnant friend, Beth. She's going to have a little boy in a couple months!
Addison doesn't just wear buckets on her head. She is a lover of anything hat. She found 5 year old Robbie's hat and thought she looked pretty darn cute. I would have to agree!
Playing in the fountains.
Sitting on the fountains.


All Things Considered said...

thought you would like to know - andy came home today and i was on the my charming kids blog. he asked me whose blog i was reading and i told him some lady i don't know. he asked me how i found it - so i told him on yours. he's like, 'so, she's a friend of a friend?' i said, nope! they don't know each other either - ha! he thinks i'm nuts...i should probably get a job...

ladybugDZ said...
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ladybugDZ said...

Where is this splash pad? In Columbus? My sister and her kids would love this! I really enjoy following your blog and finding out what's up with the Fraziers (Damon too). Sounds like you all are doing well! Thinking about you,

Addison and Mommy said...

Hi Kenzi! How are you? This splash pad is in Dublin at Bellantrae. There is another one (the one we tried to go to, but it was broken) in Powell at Village Green Park. Your sister should definitely check them out!