Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We definitely had plenty of time to enjoy the nature surrounding us in Canada. We saw plenty of deer (one particular deer family consisting of Mommy and 2 babies who hung around all week) and a bald eagle. We also found out that a porcupine has taken up residency on the property! I love animals and I'm that person that saves the flies that have entered my home. As ugly as everyone else thought this guy was, I couldn't help but to like him a little. As long as he kept his quills to himself!

I also didn't realize that porcupines climb trees! He did this everytime we tried to get close to him.

Mom, Phil, Dustin and I took a trip into Gore Bay to do some sightseeing. Amongst those sights was a sweet little lighthouse called Janet Head Lighthouse. Once we arrived, we got out of the car to take pictures. We soon looked over and through the window, saw someone doing dishes. We didn't realize that people still lived there! A nice guy came out and asked if we would like a tour. Inside, the adults were eating and knitting and the children were playing cards. Dustin and I were very embarrassed and couldn't wait to leave, but my parents really enjoyed themselves!

It looks like they left the space in between them for me to photoshop myself in or something. That might have been a nice idea...if I knew how!

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