Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Farmer's Market

We always make a trip into town for the Farmer's Market, where they sell organic fruits, vegetables, jams, jellies and honeys as well as baked goods and craft items.

Someone was selling bunnies so Addison had a chance to pet some for the first time.

Her eye caught a booth where a woman was selling quilts and bags. Sticking out of some of the bags were teddy bears. She saw Addison and handed her a teddy bear. While thinking to myself "Great, like the kid needs another stuffed animal" and pulling some money out of my wallet, the sweet woman insisted it was a gift for Addison. How nice! Addison thought she won the lottery, of course.

Some of Addison's other purchases include the necklace she is wearing as well as a purse (that we bought from the teddy bear lady) and some scrunchies. Even though I beg her not to, my mom still wears my scrunchies from 1989 and Addison likes to pretend they are bracelets. So, she became the proud new owner of 8 scrunchies for $1. Can't get that in the States. Oh wait, I think the States stopped selling scrunchies back in 1993!

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Lori said...

Mom says I should put a scrunchie on my wrist instead of the ponytail holder that cuts off my circulation...You are too funny K!