Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sand and Surf

We had a couple of warm, sunny days which allowed Addison to play down by the lake. She loves the sand and could spend hours in it.

And we all know how much she adores swimming!

She really surprised us when she left her bath-water warm pool and started wandering to the lake. I wouldn't have dared step foot in that chilly body of water (if it weren't for the fact that I had to hold me daughter's hand as she did so!)
I then employed Gammy and Poppy to play with her, as she kept wanting to go deeper and deeper!

My fearless child loved the lake!

She found a new hobby - collecting shells. She thought they were about the coolest thing since Elmo and took her shell collection with her on many adventures throughout the week.

Heading back in, with a bucket this time, to collect more shells!

After our day in the sand and surf, Addison decided she wanted to clean up by using the outdoor shower that she was seeing all of the adults use. (There is indoor plumbing as well, but nothing compares to a hot shower on a cool day while looking out at the beautiful lake.)

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