Sunday, August 16, 2009

Visit to Dayton

A couple of weeks ago, Addison, Bubba and I went to Dayton to spend a few days with my Mom before she starts back at school (tomorrow). Where did the summer go???? Addison always has the best time at her Gammy and Poppy's and of course, I appreciate the chance to visit with my family whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Addison was carrying her baby around in the blanket and trying to play at the same time, resulting in constantly dropping her baby and us needing to re-wrap it. A knot and a chip clip later, Addison had a sling for her baby! She walked around for the next couple of hours with her baby in the sling. I kept asking her if she wanted me to take it off and she would say "no" and continue on with her play. It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

One beautiful morning, we visited a local park that my cousin told my Mom about. The park has a lot to offer in terms of the playground equipment and it has the rubber ground, which is great for Addison to run around on as I don't have to worry about scrapes and cuts in case she were to fall. Rubber grounds at parks are one of the best inventions ever!
Addison and Gammy on the swing
Addison loved this bumpy slide. She probably went on it over 20 times and would have kept going if we hadn't distracted her with a new activity.

See how excited she was? She is such a thrill-seeker!

My cousin, Jennifer (the one who told us of the park), her husband, John and their 2 year old, Peter (Addison's 3rd cousin) came to meet us. It had been a few months since Addison and Peter had seen each other, but it didn't take any time for them to reacquaint. It's really fun to see Addison interact with kids around her age. She has no problem giving high fives, hugs, kisses, or holding hands with anyone.
Peter is escorting her around the playground and making sure she doesn't fall. So sweet!
Have I ever mentioned that Addison thinks she can do everything the "big kids" can?

This park also has a fairly large splash pad. It was a little cool that morning for jumping through freezing cold water, so the kids kept their distance, but ventured in a little and had a great time.
After lunch and a nice, long nap we headed to Marion's Pizza (a favorite of ours) to meet up with some of Phil's (Poppy's) siblings and a couple of nieces who were in town from Louisiana.
One of his nieces has a 3 1/2 year old son who was accompanying them on their trip. Lucky for us, Ian wasn't shy and wanted everything to do with Addison.

They had the best time playing and especially enjoyed making trains (a line-up of chairs). Poppy even got in on the action!

We had some other visits with Aunt Lori, my grandparents (no pictures, sorry) and my Dad.
Addison enjoyed story time with her Grandpa.

Well, that was our last summer trip to Dayton. So, so sad.

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Noah said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip to Dayton too! Oh, how Noah and Addison love visiting and how Gammy and Poppy are just in heaven when they are with them!!!!