Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One of our favorite visitors

A few weeks ago, one of our favorite visitors of all time (my bf, Emily) came to visit. Our main activities when she visits are 1) shopping and 2) playing with Addison. Whenever Emily comes to town, my absolutely wonderful husband spends time with Addison while we are out hitting the stores.

This is apparently what happens while I am gone. Dustin is obviously proud of his parenting techniques as he photographs the evidence. :)

Addison LOVES her "Aunt" Emily. Just like every other visit, we had to have a little photo shoot before Emily headed off for the airport.

Thanks to Dustin's teachings, Addison kept hugging Emily and saying "don't go" in the sweetest little voice that would have made it hard for anyone to leave!

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lilysmom said...

Great pictures of Emily and Addison! Addison is getting so long and tall!