Wednesday, August 5, 2009

2 little milestone updates

I just have to update that Addison is going pee-pee in the big potty daily now, usually once or twice a day before a diaper change. I bought (but have yet to use) a training potty. It's sitting in her closet and she knows it's her potty, which seems to be exciting for her. Maybe next week I will have to pull it out and give it a shot.

Also, Addison has always used a pacifier. Her Paci. Since the day in the hospital that her breathing tubes were removed, the doctors and nurses offered her a paci to teach her how to suck. The sucking, swallowing and breathing (at the same time) reflex is usually developed in utero at about 36 weeks. Because Addison was born at 31 weeks, she needed a little push to develop this skill earlier.

The paci has always been our friend. It has been one of Addison's ways to self-soothe...something she learned at an early age. It has been nice for us, too, because not only did it help her fall asleep, but if she would wake in the middle of the night or early in the morning, she would find her paci and fall back to sleep.

Since about a year old, Addison has only been allowed to have her paci in her bed. It was my way to try to control it from becoming a long-term pacifier habit. I've been thinking for a few months about weaning her off the paci, basically because I didn't want it to start affecting her teeth and I thought the earlier she was when I took it away, the easier it would be. Though no easy task would that be, I thought.

Surprisingly, both her pediatrician and dentist found no reason why I should need to take it away. On top of that, her Early Intervention Specialist recently told me that she thought it has probably helped her oral development. She, too, questioned my desire to take the paci away. Nevertheless, I promised myself that I would try to take it away once vacation was over.

And that's what I did. Last night, before I laid her down for bed, I showed her that her paci was no longer there. She said "Paci?" and I said "Paci's all gone. It went bye bye because you're a big girl now." She said "Paci bye bye. Addison big girl." I said "Yes! Addison's a big girl now. Bye Bye, Paci!" Of course I focused on her lovey, which used to go hand in hand with her paci and told her that if she ever got scared or sad, she could hug her lovey real tight and kiss it.

She really seemed to understand. She laid down and I did not hear a word from her the entire night. Same thing for her nap today and for night time tonight (and we aren't even home tonight so she isn't in her comfort zone). YAY!!!!!

I do feel slightly guilty for taking away such a beloved item (though I know it's for the best) and I must say that she woke up this morning at 7 and did not go back to sleep like she usually does. This may be the tradeoff. But, that's okay. She is paci-free and is such a good girl!

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