Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chicago Day 1

Well, we decided to make another trip to Chicago, after our failed attempt in June. We had a lot of people to visit and were determined to get there!

Addison talked about riding on an airplane the whole way to the airport. I was hoping we wouldn't be disappointed. Fortunately, despite another stormy day, our flight was on time. I attribute this to the fact that we were flying into Midway this time, rather than O'hare. I avoid O'hare at all costs!

(Note to people flying with children 2 and under and not buying them their own seat: Though I've had several friends tell me that I wouldn't need proof of age for Addison and didn't need it on American when we tried to travel in June, Southwest demanded proof of age for her on this trip. I didn't think I had anything, but luckily I carry her little book that the pediatrician writes in at each visit and they accepted this because each visit was dated and stated her age. So, it all worked out. Otherwise, they were going to call our pediatrician for proof of age. What if it would have been after hours or on the weekend? Glad we were okay. After almost 2 failed attempts, I was beginning to think we were not meant to fly to Chicago.)

She watched in anticipation as our plane deplaned so we could hop aboard!

She did so well on her first flight. We were lucky enough to all 3 get our own seats (even though we didn't buy one for Addison).

At take off and landing, she gripped onto the arm rests until her knuckles turned white. She was a little scared but we distracted her and she was fine. Other than that, she really enjoyed her time in the friendly skies.

She even got her first set of wings. Look at her dress, just below the button.


Addison didn't realize that after the plane, we were going to be riding on a train. She loves planes and trains so very much! We hopped on the el towards downtown to meet "Aunt" Emily for lunch and then onto our hotel for check-in.

Don't worry, her hand was majorly sanitized after touching the bar. :)

Addison took this picture of Daddy (with just a little help from Mommy).

We checked into a beautiful 2 room suite at the Fairmont. (Email me if anyone wants info on a friends and family code that could save you gobs of moola, good at any Fairmont hotel through the end of the year.)

We were on the 35th floor and had a wonderful view of Lake Michigan and Navy Pier.

Addison went down for a nap and we woke up and headed across the street to visit with a wonderful friend since college, Meganne, and her 6 week old baby girl, Meredith.

Addison was at first intrigued with the baby, but quickly became bored. I love how Meredith is smiling at me. :)

I figured I needed to practice feeding an infant again.
This picture would have been cute if Daddy the photographer had used the flash. Kidding, Daddy.

After I had my baby fix, we headed to Rain Forest Cafe with a couple of my best girlfriends, Em and Jennie.
It appears Em and Addison were having a color-off.
Then Em took her around the place to look at all the animals and fish. Addison loved the animals, especially the elephants and gorillas. I was concerned she might be a little frightened when they "came to life", but she was all about it.
Emily, Addison and Jennie.
We put Addison to bed and had some adult time back at our hotel. It happened to be the first night of fireworks for the season at Navy Pier and we had a perfect view. Unfortunately, my camera didn't take very good pictures of them.

Thus concludes Day 1 in Chicago....onto Day 2.


Emily said...

Love all the pictures! I had so much fun this weekend!!

ladybugDZ said...

Okay, where are you getting all these adorable tights!! I love them on Addison! Looked like a great weekend. Good to know about the Birth Certificate!

Addison and Mommy said...

Thanks, Kenzi! Pink and grey are from Janie and Jack and the polka dolts and other striped pairs are from Gymboree. We love tights!