Saturday, June 27, 2009

Olde Worthington Art Festival

It's been an ongoing tradition for the last 3 years to head to the Olde Worthington Art Festival. Remember last year?
Worthington is a charming little neighboring town and they put on a wonderful, huge art fair each year. We have had such a busy summer already, that we forgot to take note of when it was this year. Lucky for us, we happened upon it on the weekend that we were supposed to be in Chicago. This year I took note of where the artists were from and couldn't believe many come from as far away as South Carolina, New Mexico, Minnesota and Alaska! The different booths display some gorgeous, unique (and expensive) art. We didn't buy anything this year, but it was still nice to stroll around and get some snacks, which included vinegar soaked fresh cut french fries (of course) and Graeter's ice cream!

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