Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big girl swing

Sometimes Mommy says I'm 18 months, going on 30. 30 years, not months! I always want to do what the big kids are doing. My neighbors (who are 6, 11, and 12) are some of my best friends. We play together several times a week, even several times a day. I could watch big kids for hours. I like to observe and then try things for myself. A few weeks ago, I wanted to ride on the big girl swing. Mommy wasn't so sure about this, but after seeing how well I sit on it and how tightly I hold on, she felt a little more comfortable. I only swing on these swings with an adult close behind me (I promise, Gammy!) and I love it so much. I still like the baby swing, but the change is nice every once in a while.


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