Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Garden Box

Dustin and I have been throwing around the idea of building a garden box for Addison. Dustin had one as a boy in which they grew strawberries. He talks fondly of this garden box and wanted Addison to have a similar opportunity. We thought she was too young to appreciate it this year, so decided to build it next year. The problem with that was once Dustin has an idea in his head, it's hard for him to forget about it. So, one morning when he was having daddy/daughter time, he and Addison took a trip to The Home Depot (which she can say, by the way, and damn it's cute when she says Depot - she stresses the 2nd syllable instead of the first).

Trips to The Home Depot are a common occurrence around our house and Addison loves going and spending time with her Daddy (while Mommy sleeps or cleans or reads or blogs or showers).

The two of them gathered a whole lot of wood and had it cut to size. Addison pushed the cart. She's very, very strong.

During her nap, Dustin and I built the box. He placed the wood and I sat on it while he put the rebars through. (I sound like I know what I am talking about). He then reinforced it by screwing plates on various boards inside while I stained it the same color as our deck. It was hard work, but we love the finished product. Addison won't be into it much this year, but I bet next year she will become quite the green thumb!
(the left 2/3rd's house cucumbers, yellow and green bell peppers, basil and tomatoes. The right 1/3 is for compost so we have rich soil next year!)

After we built the box (before anything was planted), we noticed we had a little friend. Addison LOVES bunnies, so it was just perfect when this guy showed up. Our little friend has been spotted several times since. He is going to be disappointed to know we didn't plant any carrots!

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