Monday, June 29, 2009

The Addisons visit the Zoo

The next morning, we ventured to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. We wanted to show Addison M. just how much we loved the zoo. The girls hopped in the wagon in their matching outfits from Kristin (thanks!) and off we went.
One of Addison Hope's favorite spots is the Aquarium so we made that our first stop. They were enthralled with the fish and Addison M. even tried to climb into the Manatee tank! How precious are our girls?
I mean, do they already look like Best Friends Forever, or what?

Addison Hope found the gumball machine and practically insisted on having one. The things were so big, I don't think one would have fit in her mouth. Oh yeah, and you shouldn't give gum to an 18 month old. Duh! :)

There they go, switching cups again!
Did I mention it was another scorcher? Yes, it was already 90 degrees by noon so we were pretty tapped out after an hour. We made a final stop at the monkeys. They are gibbons, really, but to toddlers, they are monkeys. This is Addison's second favorite spot at the zoo. She could stare at the gibbons all day. They swing on their ropes and she says "swing monkey". She just adores them! On this day, they were all making these loud, crazy noises that I had never heard. It wasn't just sweet little "ooh ooh, ahh ahh" monkey noises. They sounded like screeching car alarms. It was nuts and the girls didn't quite know what to think.
A couple pictures of the 4 of us.

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