Monday, June 22, 2009

To fly or not to fly - Part 2

I left out something very unimportant, but maybe one of the only good things that came from our disastrous day of not flying, in last night's post.

One of the toys I brought to the airport was a travel size magnetic drawing board. Someone had given it to me for free. Addison loves playing with it, drawing pictures for me and her babies. She sits her babies in their highchair and draws for them. Addison thrives on having an audience. (I was the same way as a child, demanding my mom's attention after school each day as I gave her the play by play of who said what about who and who got caught passing a note and what so and so did to the teacher, etc. She called me her little story teller. I think that was her nice way of calling me a liar, as many of the things I told her were maybe a little embellished. That's what a good story teller does, isn't it? I am really hoping I don't raise a liar. A dramatic story teller, perhaps. It's in the genes.)

So, back to the toy. Addison spent a good amount of time drawing pictures for a couple of older ladies in the terminal. They really seemed to enjoy the work of my little budding artist. Once we boarded the plane, I realized that we had left our precious little drawing board in the terminal. I almost asked the flight attendant if I could go retrieve it, but thought it was silly to go after a cheap, plastic toy. I also figured my request would be turned down and I would be left embarrassed.

We thought the toy was a goner. I would have to find a new one for my girl, as she would surely miss it. Until....

We had to deplane. I jumped off the plane, put Addison in the stroller and headed to our seats we had occupied hours earlier. As I was walking toward them, I saw something. It was one of the ladies, holding up our drawing board. You would have thought it was Christmas morning with the huge smile that spread across my face. I thanked the ladies for taking such good care of our toy. Addison was going to be so happy once she awoke from her slumber!

And she hasn't played with it but a minute since.

P.S. For those of you who have asked or wondered - the new car is indeed a Toyota Sequoia!

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All Things Considered said...

love reading this in "kristi's voice!"

p.s. i keep checking for pics of the addisons playdate........ :)