Monday, June 29, 2009

Addison, meet Addison

Kristin is my best friend from college. We were practically inseparable while we were both at Purdue and probably would still be to this day if we didn't live on opposite sides of the country - she in California and me in The Heart of America.
It was only natural that we both named our first child Addison. The only thing that would have made it more appropriate is if I had named my daughter Addiso. You know, since my name is Kristin without the n.
Oh, nevermind.
Up until this point, everything we've known of each others Addison came from our blogs and conversations about them. It seemed as if they had similar personalities, likes and interests, etc. and we couldn't wait until the day that they would finally meet.
Last week, Kristin and Addison were in the Midwest for a visit and were so kind to fit us into their busy social schedule. They arrived on Tuesday and were to leave on Thursday. Addison Hope and I were much anticipating their arrival! It only took a few minutes of warming up to one another before our dreams came true. Check out this picture...taken within an hour of their arrival. Our babies were going to get along so well, just as we had hoped!

After snacks, we played outside (on the deck in the shade because it was a sweltering 90 degrees outside). Addison M. (the other Addison) found Addison Hope's rock collection and immediately went to it. Apparently, she is obsessed with rocks, too! The two of them took the rocks out and put them back in over and over and over again. At one time, one Addison would walk the rocks to another location on the deck while the other Addison would take them from said location, bringing them back to the original location. It was hilarious and I am so bummed we didn't get it on video! You'll just have to imagine....

All that rock playing made the girls thirsty, so they both chugged from their respective cups.

Then right before our eyes, like it was no big deal, they did a little switcheroo. Kristin and I looked at eachother and just laughed. This may be the only time I will allow Addison Hope to intentionally drink after another child. The funniest part is that this scenario continued over the next couple days and I didn't even cringe once! It must have been something about the incredibly adorable friend she was drinking after!

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Kristin said...

So freaking cute!!! We miss you guys so much already! We had such a good time!!!