Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Language/Communication update

This morning, out of the blue, I said the word "tongue". Mommy was astonished as she hasn't made it a point to teach me this word and has never pointed to the body part and say the word. But while my diaper was being changed, I reached my finger into Mommy's mouth and said "tongue" very clearly. When she had me repeat it on the phone to Gammy, she enunciated every letter like she usually does, and I repeated it as "tun-ga"!

So this little demonstration today reminded Mommy of what a little sponge I am. She stopped posting my new words and signs a while back because I literally say at least 1 new word (and sometimes as many as 3 or 4) daily. Some of these words are: please, keys, bib, flower, teeth, chin, knee, Matt, Josh, wash, pop, cracker, kix, cereal, doggie, shoes....the list seriously goes on and on....and on...and on. And on. I think words beginning or ending with "sh" are my favorite. I also say "Mom" ALL THE TIME and "Daddy" about 500 times a day. Mommy and Mama are no longer in my vocabulary. This makes Mom very sad because it shows how old I am getting!

I have a lot of new 2-3 word phrases and am saying multiple words at a time much more often. For instance, I say "I don't know" (while shrugging my shoulders and facing my hands toward the sky), "milk please", "hat off", "no Bubba", "down Bubba", "i love you" (i luh ooh) and just tonight I repeated after my Grandma with "Yeah, sure".

Sponge. The most absorbent kind!

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