Monday, June 8, 2009

Show Day

Last week was my last week of Gym for the semester. Just like last semester, we had a show day where we perform many of the things we learned. Daddy came to watch and I showed him all my techniques. (Excuse the horrible quality of pictures. We had our camera on some funky setting and the fluorescent lighting just does not help!)

Let me show you, too!
Sitting on the mat. Now, that is talent!

Hanging from the bars. I hang for a really long time!

Walking on the beam.


We use the bells for our welcome song and our goodbye song. Two of my favorite parts of class!

Clapping to the music.

Just being a goober.

Accepting my medal (and looking thrilled about it). Notice I am wearing it like a sash!

Class picture.

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Brian and Katie said...

Great job Addison! You are getting so big.