Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just some random pictures from the day

See, Gammy, I still love my Dolly.

I'll always love her because you gave her to me. :)
And I'll always love my Bubba, too! He is my best pal!


Kristin said...

Addison you are just too much. You have the most contagious little smile! I love that hair!!!!!!!!!! Your daddy better watch out, you are one beautiful little girl!!!!

Brian and Katie Allietta said...

Oh my goodness..I LOVE HER HAIR! You are sooo cute! Those pigtails are just too much. I love it! You will have to help Avery with her hair-do's in about a year (or less if she keeps this full head!)

Cristi said...

She is so adorable and Man how she has grown since the pictures on your header! Look at that hair! I cant wait till Avery finally gets some!