Saturday, November 6, 2010

A recent conversation with Addison about college

Addison has been talking about college a lot lately (she watched a Blue's Clues where Steve goes off to college). This is just one of the dozens of conversations we've had about it:

A: I'm going to go to college really far away.

M: Oh? But Mommy will miss you.

A: No you won't. Daddy will live with you.

M: Okay. Do you want Chase to go to the same college as you?

A: Yes. I'm going to go to the library first.

M: That's great! Chase, where will you go first - the frat house?

A: I want to go to the crack house.

M: (giggle, giggle)

A: Mommy, after college I'm going to come live with you and I'm going to work and you won't be sad anymore.

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Cristi said...

Funny how time flies and that really happens so fast. You know, besides the crack house part. hehehe