Monday, November 22, 2010

Addison's 3rd Birthday Party

Addison's 3rd Birthday was Princess (or Castle, really, because boys were invited) themed. It was just PERFECT for our little princess. She had so much fun, wore the BIGGEST smile the entire party and still talks about it.

We arrived a few minutes before the party began so Addison could pick out her princess costume (Snow White was the winner) and get a makeover. Oh my goodness, she was in heaven!

Addison and Princess Selena

She can't believe all her choices!

And the makeover begins...

Picking her eyeshadow

Complete with hair sparkles!

The two princesses

Daddy, Grandma and Chase (with the bubble machine blowing in the background)

The delicious cupcakes!

Addison couldn't wait to taste them.

The "dining" room

There were so many different activities to keep the kids busy

Cutie alert!

The perfectly pretty princess

They did a dance. The girls LOVED it!

After some playtime, the kids went to the dining room to decorate their goodie bags.

They were allowed to each pick 5 goodies from the rack.

Then the princess announced that the treasure chest was missing. Oh no! The kids went on a hunt for it. Of course, the birthday girl was the one to find it. ;)

They were each allowed to select 3 more goodies from the treasure chest. Amongst Addison's picks were paper clips, pencil sharpeners, and a pedicure set.

It was time for the coronation ceremony!

Addison being crowned. She does this wand on the shoulder thing all the time now.

Watching all of her friends become crowned. She was very enamored!

All of the Princesses and Princes Noah and Jake. The other boys wanted nothing to do with this!

Time for cake!

It's amazing how entertaining a parachute (aka a magic carpet) can be.

Giving Addison a magic carpet ride!

More fun at the sand table.

And playdough.

Our last activity - painting treasure chests.

Prince Chase adores Princess Addison!

My adrenaline was pumping the rest of the night knowing how much fun Addison had. I am so glad we threw this party for her. I hope she always remembers it!

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Katie said...

What an amazing party! I hope Addison had a great 3rd the looks of it, she had a great day!

Loved your Christmas card too...beautiful family! Merry Christmas!