Monday, November 15, 2010


Saturday morning, we headed to campus for some tailgating and the football game against Michigan. But, not before a stop at the Kappa house for a Kodak moment with our future Kappas!

I always have such a hard time deciding which pictures to post, so you're going to get Kappa Kappa Gamma picture overload on this one! Not to mention the fact that my husband failed in the "first take" to get the large sign that we specifically positioned ourselves around so it would be in the we had to torture the kids with another round of pictures with the sign!

The day ended up being cold, windy and rainy, which was a huge difference from the day prior and a real bummer, but still fun! We moved everything to the stage on Slater Hill, where it was still cold and windy, but at least dry.

Past and Future Kappas!

At halftime, we decided we'd endured enough of the cold and headed back to our hotel. When we got in the car, Addison asked, "Mommy, when are we going to the football game?" I felt so terrible. We'd been talking about it for weeks and she was really looking forward to going. Next time!

We had an indoor pool at the hotel and Addison (who we'd been calling Addison Hope for the last 24 hours) wanted the other Addison (who we'd been calling Addison Michelle for the last 24 hours) to go swimming with her so we went to Walmart and after failing to find swimsuits (they don't sell swimsuits in Indiana in November!?!?), we bought her a cami and panties and called it a tankini. Addison, who had a swimsuit, wanted a tankini, too, so we compromised and put a pair of panties on over her swimsuit. Just in case you're wondering.... :)

Eventually, Addison Michelle had to leave. It was so sad to say goodbye to everyone.

Addison Hope must not have really understood that her friend, who she now refers to as either "Michelle" or "Michelle Addison", wasn't coming back and when she finally realized this fact, she was very upset. Again, I felt terrible, like I had done her an injustice.

She got over it, but we still reeeeeeaaaaalllly miss our friends and can't wait for our next visit!

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