Monday, November 15, 2010

3 A's and a C

We headed to Indiana early Friday morning to see the Cesta's, who were in from California. I'd been looking forward to our trip for so long. It had been over a year since we last saw each other and we were way overdue for a visit. Both of us have since added new babies to the family so not only was I looking forward to our Addison's reuniting, but I couldn't wait to meet Ava and for them to meet Chase!

We arrived just in time for lunch, which was nice to get the girls acquainted before we SUCCESSFULLY put all 4 kids down for a nap at the same time, which allowed some wonderful, quality adult time!

After naps, we did a little photo shoot with all the kids and then took the Addisons for a golf cart ride around Kristin's parents beautiful water-front property for their own little shoot!

Chaser with his future wife and Father in law.

3 A's and a C.

The Addisons loving on one anothers little sibling.

Chase is getting fresh with his girl.

Funny faces. Check out Chase's hand.

And now for our little photo shoot. Let's just say our girls are not destined to be models. :)

Rolling down the hill - Kristin's idea!

Standing still for us.

Not standing still anymore!

Addie wants to put her toes in the sand.

Which is nothing new for the other Addie since she lives a couple blocks from the ocean!

Who wouldn't want to put their toes in an Indiana lake in Mid-November? Did I mention it was 76 degrees!?

We had so much fun and the girls were acting just like the BFF's Kristin and I had hoped they'd be! They are amazingly the same weight and height and look so strikingly similar from the back that one of the Daddy's actually started to discipline the other's child until he realized it wasn't his Addison! :)

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