Sunday, November 7, 2010

This week in the Green Room


We have had some busy days in the green room. Thanks to all of the parents for coming to our Halloween Parade. It was a little cold but the kids had fun. Thanks to all the parents who donated items to make our party such a huge success for the little ones!

The kids have been enjoying the letter of the week. It is like Show and Tell. They enjoy coming up in front of the group and talking about what they brought in that begins with the letter of the week. Next week we will have the letter C. You can bring something in both school days or just one.

The fire department came on Thursday. We watched a short movie and they did a demonstration on everything they have to wear in order to go into a fire to save us. Encouraging the children not to be afraid of them. The best part was the tour of the fire truck and our group photo. The kids loved getting inside the truck. Pictures will come soon.

Conferences are Monday November 15th. Please, sign up if you haven't already. Thanks.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and the "extra" hour of sleep.

Together We Teach,

Sara Reed and Michelle Ramsey

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