Saturday, November 6, 2010

Girl's Night

Addie and I had our first official girl's night last night while Daddy was gone. After eating dinner and putting Chase to bed, we bathed Wrigley (in my shower) and then took one ourselves. Addison loves showers and has only taken a few in her lifetime so this was a real treat. I put a deep conditioning treatment on my hair and pretended to do the same for her. We then got into our PJ's, popped a bag of popcorn, and sat down for a movie. She actually picked Little Bear, which is a TV show, so I let her watch 2 of them. At 8:20 (that's a late bedtime for her!), we headed upstairs. I read her 4 books and tickled her back. I couldn't have imagined how special this night would be for her. All day, she was telling people "me and mommy are having gull's night" :) and throughout the evening, I received so many hugs, kisses, cuddles and thank you's. So super sweet!

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