Sunday, June 13, 2010


We hit up the first of the Lolli-Pops Summer Children Concert Series again this year, since we had so much fun last year. This time, we went with a few people from my Mom's club which was especially nice for Addison because she had some friends to dance with and for me so I would have an extra set or two of hands to help out with both kids.

After a good deal of time up on the stairs of the stage (they weren't letting the kiddos on the stage this time which was probably a safe idea), Addison decided to head back to where her friend, Raegan, was and danced the the morning away.

This little guy slept through most of the concert and was all smiles when he woke up. He enjoyed the music, too!

Me and my babies (and Rae) :)

Getting some love from my angel girl!

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