Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Little Gym Show Day - Beasts

Addison graduated from her Beasts class at The Little Gym. Beginning in the fall, she will be a SUPERbeast! I really could have moved her up a while ago (before she hit the age in which they move up) because she's mastered all of the skills they've learned thus far, but I wanted her to finish the semester with her class.

They had their show day on the 9th. Gammy came to watch this time and Addison really enjoyed showing off for her.

Front roll (somersault)

The bars are her favorite. She's really good at getting in the pike position and is already trying to flip (scary!)

Getting her medal with her FAVORITE teacher, Miss Amber. This is Addison's 4th TLG medal!

Addison with a couple girls from class, including her best friend, Rae.

We tried to get a class picture, but a lot of the kids (mostly the boys, go figure!) wouldn't sit still, so this is only half of the class.

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