Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Training wheels

I keep meaning to post about Addison learning to ride a bike. Last summer, our neighbors gave us one of their girl's old bikes with training wheels. Addison liked to sit on it, but couldn't reach the pedals. This year we bought her (or rather, the Easter Bunny brought her) a princess big wheel type of bike, but she can't reach the pedals on that yet either!

So, last month I went out and bought her a Radio Flyer tricycle. She made a couple feeble attempts at riding it, but wasn't really into it. She really wanted me to get out the purple hand-me-down. To my surprise, her feet reached the pedals and it only took her a few attempts and some support from our next door neighbors (read: Kiernan rides a bike and she figured she should learn, too, so he would want to hang out with her!) before she was sailing off into the wind.

It was officially May 31st when she learned to ride her training wheels. It's so much fun to watch her on her bike. She is so proud of herself and thinks she's a big kid now! She can get going pretty fast, especially downhill, and is doing a good job steering and turning corners. She's taken a couple of little falls, but dusts off her pants and gets right back on!

She learned this trick from Kiernan (a disadvantage to her hanging with the older kids). Right after the picture was taken, both feet were on the seat and she was rolling down the driveway. I just about dropped the camera as I lunged toward her afraid she was going to bite it. Whew!

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